Made In England

All of our products are made in England in a local factory in Worcestershire, each product is cut designed and built with the user in mind. By sourcing and building our products in England we are able to quickly supply offices in multiple locations and equip people with the protection they need.

Protect Staff

The Safe Spacing covid-19 divider is built with a main purpose, to protect your staff. Don't risk the health of your staff, install our dividers today at a low cost, let's get your office up and running again.

About The Product

Our Acrylic screens are built with the user in mind, we use a matieral which creates maximum light within the space available while also offering a define area for people to use. The Safe Spacing screen is supplied in a transparent material to make sure users feel safe while also not effecting the design of the area. These products are designs to protect staff from airborne contaminates and reduce the exposure of viruses.

These have been designed and manufactured in Worcestershire, England a quick and easy solution to the Covid-19 pandemic, to protect staff from possible contamination from customers or clients.

Designed for humans

  • Supplied with a universal brackets to fit all existing screens or areas.
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact to give the best customer service as possible.
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain & supports anti-bacterial clean which makes the product easily cleaned and sanitised.

Resourced & Recycle

This version of our product is also built with the environment in mind, making this product ethically and environmentally sourced so this product can be recycled.


A fresh, modern take on the traditional divider, want to know more information or take an order, call today.

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Safe Spacing is a product of Kingfisher Blinds to support the current situation, to provide the market with a product that worked.


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