In light of the current Coronavirus (Covid19) situation the world is facing; It is more important that ever to ensure the safety and well being of your staff, employees and the people around you in addition to the people visiting you.

Our vision is to not only protect the people around us, but to provide the world with a solution to keep people safe and allow people to go back to work.

We will provide the world with a Covid-19 solution to keep people in the office safe but also allow them to go on with their daily lives to keep the economy moving while keeping office staff safe.


We make sure that our products are affordable to all users.


We are based in the midlands but we make sure our products are accessible to many locations.


We make it easy to install our products are start using them straight away.


We already have a great reputation for our products with brilliant reviews.


Offering high standard protection to people within the office location.


Our products are also great looking so the office aesthetic are not effected.

We focus on quality

We understand these are unsettling times but business must carry on, so we make sure our products are of the highest of standard.