Our products offer protection for users in offices in locations across the United Kingdom


Our products are built with the best quality material around, easily cleaned and adaptable to different sizes.

Future Proof

Our products have been designed with adaptability in mind, being flexible with demand and providing solutions to current problems.

Office Screens

Our office screens are designed and built ergonomically to make sure they fit in with most office designs.

Protect Clear Screens

Our protect clear screens can be used around office locations from reception to within workspaces.

Cost Effective

We build our screens with cost in mind to make sure it's affordable for everyone.

Easy Fitting

We make sure once the screens have been bought they can be easily fitted and used.

High Standard

All our screens are built with a high standard in mind to make sure they are long lasting and durable.

Maximum Light

All our screens use a material to be as transparent as possible to make sure it creates maximum light.


Each screen is built with protection in mind so it protects your workforce and the people around you.

Happy Customers

All our customers that we have provided our screens to are happy with great testimonials.


Products Made


Happy Customers


Tests Done


Safety Tests

Meet the product

This is our product that is making waves across our clients, this product not only keeps people safe but provides confidence to the people within the office.

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